A Message to Our Friends:

Due to a death in Ruth's family, we will be postponing a number of our activities until early March so that she can go to New Hampshire to take care of an estate. Any adoptions which are in progress will go through, but we will be postponing new adoptions until then. We'll also be postponing group meetings and bunny socials till then as well. 


Please don't worry about the foster bunnies! They are being taken care of and will be ready to meet potential adopters soon!


Thank you for your understanding,

Huntsville Friends of Rabbits

Hello Dahlings!

I'm Mrs. Brighton, the Huntsville Friends of Rabbits Education Bunny! Welcome to our new website! I have been working my little paws off on it, and I hope you enjoy it!!

Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States? Sadly, we are also the third most often surrendered at animal shelters, and the third most often euthanized.

Huntsville Friends of Rabbits hopes to help bunnies by clearing up misunderstandings about our behavior and care, so that people can come to see what awesome animals we really are!