As we are closing down as a rescue we are no longer answering emails unless they are from one of our adopters! If you are one of our adopters, please use this form to get in touch - we would love to hear from you! If you are contacting us about something else, please read the following:

If you are contacting us about adopting one of our remaining foster bunnies, please read our adoption policies first and fill in the adoption form. We're happy to hear from you and we'll get in touch with you ASAP!


PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US ABOUT TAKING YOUR RABBIT unless it is a bunny you originally adopted from us (in which case we definitely want to hear from you!)  We are closing as a rescue group and can no longer take in rabbits. Please read our Rehoming page for advice about finding a home! As of June 25th, 2018 we will no longer answer emails regarding rabbits needing homes. Again - please refer to the Rehoming page!

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