Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 

Herbie the First

Herbie the First, a New Zealand boy, was named Herbie because he was, quite frankly, as big as a Volkswagen! He was a wonderful goofball who just loved people.

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Herbie the Second

Herbie was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). He had some of the wildest hair we have ever seen on a bunny. Herbie was adopted with his friend LaPerm to a family near Memphis.


Hero was a quiet, elderly Silver Marten boy who was rescued from HAS after his owner decided he didn’t want him. He was in poor condition, but we did the best we could to make him happy until he went to The Bridge several months later.

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Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood, a Harlequin girl,and Vine (or Vinnie), a Himalayan boy, were found running loose after their owner decided he didn’t want them anymore and released them to fend for themselves. Vinnie had been attacked by a predator and his ears were very damaged, while Hollywood was extremely hormonal. You can see from the photo how long Vinnie’s toenail’s were when he came to us. We got Vinnie’s ears fixed up and both bunnies were altered. A few weeks later they were feeling much better, bonded, and were adopted to one of the people who helped rescue them.


Iris, an English Spot girl, was brought into foster care as a young bunny who had been surrendered to HAS. Iris was our Valentine’s bunny as she has a distinctive heart shaped mark on her side and around one of her eyes. She was adopted as a companion to Wolfie, another former foster of ours who is a therapy bunny.


J.J., a lion head/Rex mix, was found as a stray in a neighborhood in Huntsville. He was a little guy with velvety fur and a lion head mane who was quite irresistible. He was adopted by a wonderful couple who drove all the way from Atlanta to meet him.


Jackson, a Cinnamon boy, was brought into HAS with a large group of bunnies. He was a mischievous bunny with lots of rabbitude and amused us all while he was in foster care.


Jerry, a Californian boy, was rescued by us after he was surrendered to HAS by his owner, who was going through a rough time and couldn’t keep him. He had a calm, loving personality and found a home with another bunny named Bunty. Unfortunately this adoption didn’t work out as his person went to a different part of the country for a temporary job and did not reclaim them when she returned. Several months later, they met another adopter though, and this time things had a different ending! Jerry and Bunty now live in Tuscaloosa.


Joss, a Netherlands Dwarf boy, came into foster care from HAS. He was an older boy who had obviously been through some hard times, so we squeezed him in even though our foster spaces were full. He was with us for just a few months when what must have been an old, untreated intestinal problem made a reappearance and he went to the Bridge. We are very grateful to our vets at the North Alabama Cat and Bird Clinic for coming in on Thanksgiving Day to try and help little Joss. He is greatly missed.


Katrina was a bundle of English Spot energy who was found abandoned on the steps of a church. A kind family took her in and contacted us, and we squeezed her into foster care as soon as we could. Katrina made us laugh with her kooky personality and distinctive markings. She found a great home with a mom and her teenage daughter, and now is a pampered house bunny in Madison.