Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Sylvia was part of a large group of rabbits who were brought into HAS. She was a spirited and active Havana girl who had obviously been through some hard times, including having a bunch of babies. Her fur was somewhat sticky and we guessed that she might have been in a cage under a maple tree which was leaking sap. Sylvia developed some medical issues after being brought into foster care, and that, along with her behavior issues (she liked to bite!) made us feel that she was not a good candidate for adoption. However, her fosterer fell in love with her and decided that “The Evil Sylvia” should become a permanent resident in her home, so she did get an adopter after all! She is very much loved in spite of her teeth!


Talulah came into the Decatur Animal Services shelter as a stray. They named her Gandalf as they thought she was a boy, and complained to us that she “pees on people”. We took her into foster care and found that she was a girl who liked to mark her territory. A spay surgery took care of the problem, and Talulah never peed on anyone again! She was adopted and lives with her husband in Decatur.

Thing One

Thing One was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Thing One was adopted with his brother, Thing Two, to a lovely older woman. His nickname was Fabio, for obvious reasons.

Thing Two

Thing Two was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Thing Two was quickly adopted with his brother, Thing One, to a lovely older woman.



Tim was found in a ditch in Hampton Cove by a very kind guy who took Tim home to his mom. She just happened to work with one of the local dog rescues, and knew to call us. We helped her evaluate him and she very kindly fostered him and got him vet treatment for his respiratory issues. We helped match him up with a wonderful adopter, and Tim lived happily with several other bunnies for a number of years. Although he was not technically one of our foster bunnies, we loved Tim and were glad to help him and his rescuer out. He recently passed away, and he is greatly missed.


Treasure came into HAS with a large group of bunnies. She was a wonderful little girl with a spirited personality, and she was quickly adopted.


Tribble was one of three bunnies we took in from a hoarding case. She had spent her young life in a cage so small she could barely turn around, in incredible filth. We would like to thank one of the ladies from Forgotten Felines for alerting us to the situation. Tribble is an awesome little girl who enjoys wearing tutus. She was featured in the latest GHHS calendar.


Trinket was a sweet girl who was brought into HAS as a baby with a large group of bunnies. Sadly, she developed intestinal issues and passed away while in foster care. She is very much missed.


Wolfie was the father of a group of Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Wolfie is now a beloved house bunny who is bonded with another former foster, Iris. He also works as a therapy bunny at a local nursing home. He loves his mature ladies of leisure” (we don't think Iris is jealous!) Wolfie is one of the most laid back bunnies we have ever met, and he occasionally makes an appearance at our education tables as well.


Wooby, a Dutch mix girl, was abandoned at a local vet’s office. She had a big personality and liked her foster mom’s dog and cat more than she liked other rabbits! Fortunately her foster mom fell in love with Wooby’s wild ways and decided to let her stay on permanently.