Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Snoopy was brought to HAS after being found abandoned in an apartment building. He was an adorable and inquisitive lop.


Snowball, a serious little Britannia Petite boy, was rescued from HAS after he was brought in as a stray. This little ball of cuteness was barely in foster care a week before he was adopted out to a loving family.


Sparkle was abandoned at the back door of our vet’s office - not a good idea! She was not noticed there for a couple of days and by the time she was found she was out of food and water and had nearly chewed through her cloth carrier. Never the less, Sparkle came through her ordeal in good shape and we took her in after her spay surgery. Her cute lion head looks and calm personality made her a perfect choice for her adopters. 


Sparky came into the shelter with the first of two large groups of bunnies who were surrendered to HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). He was an awesome, well-adjusted little guy and landed a fantastic adoption with with a family near Nashville. They have sent us many pictures of him with his “security ball”, a large purple ball that he likes to push around. Sparky is a proud member of the Couch Rabbit Society.


Speedy was found abandoned shortly after Easter. He was a funny and intelligent little Havana boy, who was as fast as his name suggests.


Spooky was about five weeks old when he was acquired by a family who didn’t really understand the commitment of having a bunny. When he was attacked by a predator shortly after, they brought him to our vets office and asked that he be euthanized. Our vet checked him out and decided he deserved a chance, and asked his family to surrender him to her. She then called us, and we were happy to take the little guy in. His wounds healed and, as with all the baby bunnies we take in, he was very spoiled! He was adopted by his fosterer, who just couldn’t let go of him!




Stella was a wonderful Dutch girl who was bonded with Ezekiel (Zeke), a former foster bunny. They were staying with us while their person had surgery, but sadly the surgery caused unexpected blood clots and their person passed away. We tried to contact the next of kin, but were never able to, and they remained unclaimed with us. Both Stella and Zeke were older bunnies and we felt it would not be right to adopt them out, so they stayed with us as sanctuary bunnies. Both have gone to the Bridge, and we hope they are now with their former mom, who loved them very much.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was one of three bunnies who was removed from a hoarding case. From what we could tell, she spent most of her 6-7 years in a small, dirty cage, and she was covered in fleas and mites. She is now allowed to run free in a sanctuary home with a wonderful foster dad who even taught her how to jump up on the sofa so they can watch TV together. Needless to say, she is a very happy member of the Couch Rabbit Society!She is as sweet as her name suggests. We would like to thank the lovely woman from Forgotten Felines who alerted us to this situation, and her sanctuary fosterer, who has given her an awesome life.


Sweetie was part of the second of two large groups of bunnies who came into HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). She was a very intelligent and active Dutch bunny, and was adopted as a companion for another of our fosters, Brando.


Swiffer was found running loose in New Market with four other younger rabbits and an older bunny just before Easter. We have reason to believe they were going to be sold as Easter bunnies until the breeder realized this was against the law and released them. Swiffer was a double-maned Lionhead and had a calm and lovable personality. We thought he had a happy-ever-after when he was adopted by an older couple, but sadly they brought him back to us after deciding to have a baby. He was then adopted to a loving family who gave him his real forever home.