Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Little Ace came to us after he was abandoned at a local vet clinic after suffering a bout of head tilt. He was an elderly, quiet bunny who can best be described as angelic”, and who loved his toss toys, snacking on herbs from our garden, and gentle neck massages. Ace stayed in sanctuary with us for several years until he went to the Bridge. He is greatly missed.


Alina was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur. The woman who owned them had gotten two bunnies and did not have them spayed/neutered, but instead released them into her backyard because she liked to watch them hopping around out there. When her rabbit population quickly expanded to over 40 scruffy, matted rabbits she called the Decatur Animal Shelter for help, and they called us. We took in 13 of the bunnies and helped find homes for the others. Alina was a young, sweet bunny when we took her in and she was quickly adopted.


Angel was found running loose in New Market with five younger rabbits just before Easter. We have reason to believe the babies were going to be sold as Easter bunnies until the breeder realized this was against the law and released them. Angel was a big, happy Californian girl with a gigantic dewlap and after she was treated for coccidia and malnutrition she was adopted to a couple who adored her.

Anna Lee

Anna Lee was a Florida White girl found running loose in a local subdivision and was not in good shape when she got to HAS. She was thin and had a broken leg, which she had had long enough for it to have started healing on its own. We got her the vet care she needed and she was doing well, but sadly she passed away in foster care from GI problems. She was a lovable girl who was very intelligent, and she is very much missed.


Every once in awhile we take in a bunny from outside Madison County because of the extreme circumstances, and B.B., a Holland Lop, was one of those bunnies. Brought into a shelter in Chilton County, he had been fed only cat food.  B.B. was emaciated and developed early onset cataracts because of this poor nutrition. Our biggest problem was that he did not understand that hay and veggies were food, but as his picture shows he did manage to get the hang of them. After putting on some weight we decided to go ahead with eye surgery to restore his sight. It went very well and he was adopted by a family who just loved him like crazy – and fed him appropriately!

Babar and Celeste

Celeste originally came into foster care with a different rescue group, and was adopted out to be with Babar, who was purchased as a rescue from a rabbit meat farm. Within a few months their person decided to move to Utah on the spur of the moment - and dumped all of her animals, including the two rabbits. They were taken in by HFR and adopted out to a couple who we thought would be wonderful adopters and who genuinely seemed to love them. However, several years later the couple decided to have a baby - and the father insisted they come back to us. Now older, we were concerned that they would be unable to find an adopter, but a family came along who did genuinely love them, and Babar and Celeste finally found a real, true forever home.


Bebe was one of three baby bunnies who were found huddled under a car in Madison. They were fostered by the people who found them for a few weeks and then came into foster care with us. Bebe was adopted by a very rabbit-savvy couple and is now living in California!


Bella was in the second of two large groups of rabbits who came into HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, below). She came into the local shelter with her 8 week old babies. She was a shy girl and it took months for her to learn to enjoy pets and ear scratches. She soon fell for another foster bun and her fosterer was kind enough to decide to adopt them both.


Ben, an adorable Lion head, was rescued from HAS. He had been taken there by his owner, who was going through a rough time and couldn’t keep him. He had a funny, opinionated personality and his rugged good looks (check out the Abe Lincoln sideburns!) quickly got him adopted to a vet student.

Betty and Barney

Betty and Barnie were New Zealand bunnies and two of the biggest rabbits we have ever had! We rescued them from HAS where they had been taken after their owner was jailed. They were as lovable as they were large, and soon found a home with a law-abiding, rabbit-loving citizen!