A Gallery of Homes!

We've seen some awesome do-it-yourself bunny condos constructed by people who wanted a custom home for their rabbits. We're posted these photos to give you ideas should you be wanting to make a condo for your own bunny. Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to photograph their bunny homes!

There is also a Facebook photo album from La Pradera Online that has some beautiful condos: see it here!

And a note about bunny housing: Size does matter! It is imperative that rabbits have housing at least four times longer than they are, and if you have two rabbits, the housing size must increase proportionally. Generally, the bigger the better is the rule in bunny housing. Rabbits need so much space so that they can exercise their muscles (otherwise they will get muscle atrophy), and to keep their intestines moving along properly. Not to mention for humane reasons - how would you feel being trapped in a tiny little room?!

And it goes without saying that rabbits need to be indoor pets. The heat in summer, cold in winter, parasites such as coccidia, ticks and fleas, and the fact that predators like foxes and dogs exist even in cities, means that rabbits kept outdoors do not do well.

So here's a challenge: Make your bunny the biggest, baddest housing you possibly can - and send us pictures! We'll be happy to post them to inspire other bunny lovers!

And while we're talking about do-it-yourself bunny stuff, Dude's adopters, Lee and Staci, made this amazing "digging box" set up! If your bunny wants to dig to China, you need to check this out! It's a big Rubbermaid tub filled with Carefresh or other rabbit safe litter. They cut a hole in the side to tightly accommodate the cardboard concrete form tube. The tube sits in a cardboard box. The bunny climbs through the box into the tube, then into the Rubbermaid box and starts digging, pushes the carefresh into the tube and then out into the cardboard box. Bunny gets to dig, you get to keep your carpets safe!!! When they are done digging, just put the carefresh back into the Rubbermaid box to reuse. Hours of fun!!