Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Buggs was an adorable little Netherland Dwarf guy who was rescued from HAS after being abandoned at a local apartment building. He was quickly adopted, no doubt due to his good looks and take charge” personality!


Bugsy, a Florida White girl, came in to foster care when she developed head tilt and her family felt they could not commit to the large amount of care that she would require. She is one of our current sanctuary bunnies, and although her tilt will never be completely cured, with physical therapy and medication she has improved remarkably since the days she had to live in a padded carrier. She now has a very large, padded kiddie pool to romp in and and an assortment of toys to demolish. Bugsy’s motto? “Never give up on a head tilt bunny!”


Bunty, a San Juan girl, was rescued by a woman who found her when walking in the woods. She came to us to find a friend for Bunty, and our foster bunny Jerry was the lucky man. Unfortunately this adoption didn’t work out as their person went to a different part of the country for a temporary job and did not reclaim Jerry and Bunty when she returned. Several months later, they met another adopter though, and this time things had a different ending! Jerry and Bunty now live in Tuscaloosa.


Callie, a Creme D’Argent girl, was brought to HAS by a family who had had her for a number of years. The reason they gave was that their kids were involved with sports and didn’t have time for her. We rescued her soon after. Callie had some tooth issues and some questionable blood work, but we were able to turn those around. Even so, she was never able to find an adopter, and several years ago her fosterer adopted her as a companion for an older personal bunny of hers. Callie is a sweet girl who loves attention and she is a favorite of visitors to the main foster home. 


Calliope was a big, beautiful Rex girl who came to us through HAS. Her spunky personality and gorgeous fur soon won her an admiring adopter.


Carolina, a Dutch/Chinchilla mix girl, is one of nine bunnies rescued by a kind family from a horrible meat rabbit breeder. They were only being fed every 2-3 days and had been attacked by dogs on at least one occasion. We took in three of the bunnies and tried to help find homes for the other six. Despite an overabundance of “rabbitude”, Carolina found a wonderful adopter who finds her opinionated personality adorable. She now lives in Tuscaloosa.


Charlie, a Dutch mix boy, was one of the second of two large groups who came into HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). He was a tiny cutie who was very shy. Despite his shyness, a wonderful family fell in love with him and he is now the king of a large living room on Monte Sano.


Cindy came into foster care with us after she was surrendered to HAS by her owner, who said her children were tired of her. She was an adorable, energetic Hotot who quickly found an adopter.

Cousin It (Coco)

Cousin It was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Cousin It had a respiratory infection which proved to be difficult to treat, however, we finally got it licked and he was adopted to a wonderful family. He was bonded to Peppermint, and when she passed away he rebonded with Donatella, both of whom were former fosters of ours.