Links We Love!

The following are links to folks who have been supportive of our work, who have excellent information about bunnies, or who have great products you and your rabbit will love! I have personally selected these links just for you! Love from Mrs. Brighton!


North Alabama Cat And Bird Clinic: Our AWESOME veterinarians! We just love them! Dr. Moore and Dr. Strother have years of experience with rabbits. They are located in Hartselle, AL.

Riverview Animal Clinic: If you are closer to Birmingham, Dr. Atlas at Riverview is a great exotics vet! We highly recommend him.

VPI Pet Insurance: And while we're on the subject of veterinarians, does your bunny need insurance? Many of our adopters have VPI and have recommended it highly.

Rabbit Supplies and Toys

The Busy Bunny: The owner has had bunnies for years, and you can bet the toys they sell are the best.

Kleen Mama's Hay Loft: Awesome hay in bulk. Their bluegrass hay is great for head tilt bunnies - it is sooooo soft!

Leith Petwerks: Pens and condos as well as toys and supplies.

Bunspace Store: Bunspace is like MySpace for bunnies - and they have a wonderful store!

Other Rabbit Rescues

SaveABunny:  How do they do it?! SaveABunny has rescued hundreds of rabbits. They are amazing!

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue: The awesome folks at Magic Happens in Louisiana.  They have great rabbit care info!

Looking For A New Friend?

Huntsville Animal Services: Our local municipal shelter.

Greater Huntsville Humane Society: Our local humane society shelter.

Petfinder: A nationwide listing of animals available through rescue groups. You can find any kind of animal for adoption!

AdoptAPet: Another nationwide listing of pets for adoption.

Bunspace: The awesome folks at Bunspace have adoptable rabbit listings!

Other Rabbit-y Places That Mrs. Brighton Likes!

Equal Hoppertunity: A film about bunnies and the people who love them by filmmaker Rebecca Sansom. Ruth is interviewed, and you can see the HFR foster room!

Bunspace: It's MySpace for bunnies!

Make Mine Chocolate:  Don't get your child a bunny for Easter! Chocolate bunnies are a much better gift! Because bunnies poop 300 times a day!

Clicker Bunny: Of course you can clicker train your bunny!