Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Ezekiel (Zeke) was turned in to the local shelter at 3 yrs old. He did not enjoy being held, but loved a good ear scratch. He was soon bonded to Stella. They were staying with us while their person had surgery, but sadly the surgery caused unexpected blood clots and their person passed away. We tried to contact the next of kin, but were never able to, and they remained unclaimed with us. Both Stella and Zeke were older bunnies and we felt it would not be right to adopt them out, so they stayed with us as sanctuary bunnies. Both have gone to the Bridge, and we hope they are now with their former mom, who loved them very much.


Ziggy was a goofy little Dutch boy who was just full of personality. He was adopted to a friend of his foster mom’s, and now resides in Boston.



Zilla came into foster care with us after her person went through a divorce and could no longer keep her. She had been bonded with another former foster bunny of ours, Mr. Linford. After he passed and her health declined, we felt she should stay with us in sanctuary. Her foster mom had other ideas though, and recently formally adopted Zilla. We are very grateful that Zilla can spend her old age in a loving, forever home.