Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Flower was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Flower was an adorable young girl with a wild hairdo who was quickly adopted to a loving home.


Fritz was one of the second of two large groups of rabbits who were brought into HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). He was a smart and funny Silver Fox boy who liked to lay on top of his brother, Charlie!


Frobenius, or Frobie, was a Netherlands Dwarf brought into a vet clinic as a stray. He had at some point broken his foot, and was obviously an older guy in poor condition. He stayed with us in foster care for about a year and his health improved greatly. A local family fell in love with him, and offered to be his Sanctuary fosterers. They quickly spoiled him, and Frobie had a number of very happy years with them before leaving for the Bridge. We’re very grateful that he was able to have such a wonderful life in his old age.



Gilbert, a Holland Lop, was brought into a local vets office after being dropped off at a pet store with an injured testicle. His neuter took care of the problem and Gilbert is now a happy, healthy little guy. He is also adorable - so adorable that his fosterer cannot let him go, and has adopted him!


Ginger was one of the the second of two large groups of bunnies who were brought into the shelter in 2010. She was an awesome little girl with lots of spirit.


Gloria was an English Spot girl found as a stray and brought into HAS. She was extremely aggressive due to hormones and the HAS staff were quite afraid of her! We took her in immediately and got her spayed, which calmed her down quite a bit, and she bloomed into a spirited bunny who loved exploring. Gloria was adopted as a companion for an equally spirited bunny named Earl. 


Grant, a Dutch boy, came to us after being found as a stray in the woods in Grant, Alabama (thus his name!) He was in terrible condition, emaciated and with respiratory issues and the worst case of ear mites we have ever seen. This poor guy was miserable! We took him immediately to our vet and he got all the treatment he needed to make a complete turnaround. Several weeks later we introduced him to a lovely woman who had just lost her beloved bunny. He made such a good impression that she took him home the next day! Grant is now living a spoiled, parasite-free life in Muscle Shoals.




Guinness, a mini-lop boy, was brought to the GHHS at ten years old, as his family was moving and didn’t want to take him. As adopters for a ten year old are few and far between, we took him in as a Sanctuary Bunny. Much to our surprise, a wonderful fosterer came along who fell in love with him, and after having him for a short time decided to adopt him! Guinness recently went to the Bridge at the grand old age of almost 15. He is greatly missed.


Happy was a tiny little bundle of Britannia Petite cuteness who was brought to HAS after being abandoned when his people moved. We took him in soon after as he obviously was having trouble eating. He had some initial tooth problems, but after a quick trip to our vet to have his teeth filed he felt much better! He was quickly adopted to a wonderful couple. 


Harper, an English Spot girl, was rescued from a backyard where she was living in a bird cage and where her partner had died of heatstroke. Her loving rescuer got her vet attention, including her spay, but could not keep her as she had a house full of rescue dogs! We found space for Harper, and she bloomed in foster care. She is in a foster-to-adopt situation and has a wonderful feline brother to hang out with.