Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 



Rue was taken in by us after her person rescued a male bunny, and he accidentally got loose - and Rue became a mother! We helped her find homes for the babies and took little Rue into foster care. She is now a spayed and happy bunny, and looks forward to finding a permanent home.


Ryan was turned in to Huntsville Animal Services with several other bunnies as a teenager. He was scared and shy, but quickly came out of his shell. He loved boxes and would run laps and do binkies. He was adopted by a family in Atlanta and soon made friends with their bunny, Janie. 


Sable was an opinionated Mini-lop girl who was found as a stray in Madison. She was quite a personality and was adopted quickly as a companion for our former foster bunny, Smokey.


Sabrina was brought into Decatur Animal Services as a very young stray bunny. She unfortunately was kept in a cage there without much socialization for several months, and by the time we rescued her she was extremely shy. We felt she would do better if bonded to a more relaxed and confident bunny, and after introductions she quickly chose Dolce as her partner. She did, indeed, come out of her shell, but sadly developed cancer and passed away several months after bonding. We miss her very much.


Savannah was in the first of two large groups of bunnies brought in to HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). She was a spirited and happy little Havana girl, and was adopted by a sweet family near Huntsville.


Schmoo, a little Rex girl, was surrendered by a couple who had her for three years, but didn't like her personality because she didn’t like to be held. She was actually an awesome bunny who was quite opinionated and loved attention - as long as she was in charge! She was adopted as a companion for a quiet bunny named Honey. He and his people enjoyed her spirited personality as much as we did.


Shalimar was one of our first foster bunnies and had been found as a stray. She was a small halfalop girl, with one ear up and one down. She had a calm personality, and was quickly adopted to a couple in Tuscaloosa as a companion for their young boy bunny.

The Silly Sisters

The Silly Sisters were part of a large group of bunnies who were brought in to HAS. They were so bonded that we almost thought of them as one bunny! Fortunately we found an adopter who was interested in a bonded pair, and so the Silly Sisters went home together.


Sluggo, a Mini-Lop boy with a damaged ear, was a curious and energetic fellow who came to us from HAS. His outgoing personality quickly got him adopted.


Smokey was one of three baby bunnies who were found hiding under a car. They were fostered by the people who found them for several weeks and then came into foster care with us. Smokey was treated by us for a respiratory infection and then was adopted (with help from the GHHS) by a wonderful woman. He was bonded with another of our former fosters, Sable.