Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 

Penny the First

Penny was the mom of one of two large groups who came in to HAS in 2010. She was an opinionated Dutch girl and took no nonsense from either her babies or her adopter. Fortunately her adopter enjoyed her “rabbitude”!

Penny the Second

Penny, a pint sized Dutch girl, came to us as a baby bunny who had been won as a prize at a local fair (and by the way, giving away baby bunnies as prizes is illegal!) Her family quickly tired of her and contacted us. She was a happy little ball of fur who enchanted us all, and soon after she was spayed she enchanted her adopter, too. She now rules a home in Madison and is a proud member of the Couch Rabbit Society.


Pixie, a Britannia Petite girl, was brought to us on New Year’s Day by a woman who had found her in some bushes. She had a terrible case of head tilt, and unfortunately her rescuer took her to a vet who was not rabbit savvy, and gave her medications which were not appropriate for her condition. By the time she came to us she was in very bad shape. We immediately took Pixie to our rabbit-savvy vet and after intensive medications and many weeks of physical therapy, she made a great recovery. Pixie bonded with another Sanctuary bunny, Big Petey, and spent her days bossing him and her fosterers around. She passed away shortly after Big Petey from an intestinal issue. Her little, slightly tilted face is greatly missed.

Pixie Dust

Pixie dust was a Netherlands Dwarf girl who was brought into HAS when the Easter bunny novelty wore off. We took her in shortly after. She was a little imp, and charmed her way into an adoption within just a few weeks of coming into foster care.


Peppermint was an unusual striped lion head girl with a rather serious personality. She was rescued from HAS where she had been brought after her people tired of her. We couldn’t imagine how anyone could get tired of this cuteness! She was adopted out quickly as a companion for our former foster, Cousin It.

Phobos (formerly Count Chocula)

Phobos was one of the second of two large groups of rabbits who came into HAS in 2010. He was a beautiful boy with a big and goofy personality. He was adopted as a companion for a lovely lop named Willow. Together they operate a branch of the Couch Rabbit Society in Birmingham.


Princess was one of the sweetest rabbits we have ever met. She was an older bunny when she was brought into the shelter and had tooth issues, which we had treated. Princess was adopted by a wonderful family in Tennessee.


Pumpkin was a big bundle of rabbitude! She was a beautiful Dutch mix bunny with gorgeous orange fur. She was adopted by a woman in Chattanooga who loved her spirited nature, and bonded her with another of our foster bunnies, Dustin.

Rita and Shania

Rita and Shania were part of a large group of bunnies brought in to the shelter, and they were so attached to each other that we decided it would not be humane to separate them. As couples are harder to adopt, they stayed in foster care for a number of years until Shania passed away from cancer. Rita remains with us and has recently changed from a foster bunny to sanctuary bunny because of her age. She is very much loved, and will have a home with us for the rest of her life.


Roo was found hopping around our veterinarian’s front desk person’s home - he knew where to go to get help! We took this beautiful Castor Rex boy in and were enchanted by his lovable personality. It wasn’t long before adopters came along who were equally enchanted, and Roo, now Root Beer, hopped off to a new home in Georgia.