Who is Mrs. Brighton?!!

Mrs. Brighton, the Huntsville Friends of Rabbits Education Bunny, is quite simply one of the most exuberant rabbits we have ever met. Her motto is "Take time to smell the flowers...then eat them!"

Mrs. B., as she is affectionately known, was found in a local trailer park several years ago by friends of ours who work with a cat rescue group (thank you Forgotten Felines!) They were told that Mrs. B's people moved away and left her to fend for herself outdoors. She was dirty, skinny and hungry....but oh so friendly! We took Mrs. B. in and got her the veterinary care she needed as well as having her spayed.

A short time later we realized that she was far more active than any rabbit we had ever met. We took her back to our vet and our suspicions were correct - Mrs. Brighton has thyroid issues that make her a bit hyperactive.  Well, actually, they make her more than a bit hyperactive - she is a whirlwind!

Because she has so much energy, and because she is an extremely social bunny who has never met a stranger, Mrs. Brighton become our Education Bunny. She is a wonderful ambassador for our group and for bunnies everywhere. We are so lucky to have her with us!

When she is not writing her blog, posting on our Facebook page, or helping us with education tables, Mrs. B enjoys bouncing around her three story condo, spa treatments from her fosterer to keep her velvety Rex fur looking gorgeous, playing with her toss toys and dressing up in her extensive wardrobe of tutus.  She also enjoys answering her fan mail (you can email her at huntsvillebunnies@hotmail.com) and helping people with their rabbit care questions.

Oh, and Mrs. B would like us to tell you that she has only been arrested once, for being indecently cute in public. She was immediately released for good behavior!