Happy Tails!

The following is a list of the bunnies we have helped over the years. If you love reading about success stories, this page is for you! 


Laila was an itty bitty Netherlands Dwarf bunny with a big, big personality. She was abandoned at a local pet store, but it didn’t take long for her to find an adopter. After some initial trials she bonded with their other bunny, and adorable boy who looked exactly like her! She makes her home near Knoxville, TN.


LaPerm was one of a group of 40 Lionhead bunnies running around a back yard in Decatur (see Alina, above). Laid back LaPerm was adopted with her friend Herbie to a family near Memphis.

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie, or Lemmy, a Florida White girl, was one of a large group of bunnies who were brought into HAS. She had an old, healed eye injury (possibly from a fight with another bunny) which could not be treated, and she was extremely shy and skittish. We took her in immediately. It took a number of months, but we won Lemmy over and  she bloomed in foster care. She found her happy place with a kind, loving woman who wanted a friend for her other bunny. Lemmy makes her home with her husbun near Tuscaloosa.


Lily, a Silver Marten girl, was brought to HAS as a stray. She was basically healthy but had fleas and coccidia. After treatment for these she found a loving family to call her own, and went home on Christmas Eve.


Lola is one of nine bunnies rescued by a kind family from a meat rabbit breeder. They were only being fed every 2-3 days and had been attacked by dogs on at least one occasion. Lola was only a baby when she came into foster care and has developed into a very social girl who loves her toys. 


Malcolm was brought into the Decatur shelter after his person was arrested for DUI - with two bunnies in the back seat! His person never came back to claim them, and Malcolm came into foster care with us. He was a calm bunny who was in foster care for quite awhile before he captured the heart of an adopter. He now lives in Oklahoma!

Marie and Maxine

Marie and Maxine were two French Lop Girls who came into HAS because they were “too big” and “the kids are tired of them”. They were very bonded and we nicknamed them “The Velcro Girls”.We adopted them together to a loving family who were thrilled to have such big and beautiful bunnies.


Mascara is an adorable Hotot boy who was found running loose by a family in Hartselle. They very kindly and patiently fostered him while he got his neuter surgery and until we had a space to take him in. We are very grateful to them for helping out this adorable guy.


Memphis was in the first of two large groups of rabbits brought into HAS in 2010 (see Bianca, above). A curious and friendly girl, she was adopted as a companion for a boy named Houdini, and together they made their escape to Madison.

Mr. Linford

Mr. Linford, a bumptious Flemish Giant boy, was brought into HAS as a stray. We thought he was a full grown Cinnamon rabbit but he turned out to be a very young Flemish Giant! We took him in and Mr. Linford was adopted as a companion to lop-eared Flopzilla. Unfortunately when his adopters were divorced the bunnies were returned to us. Mr. Linford was a popular resident at the main foster house, and even as an adult he was a happy, active guys. He liked to hide in paper bags and jump out when people passed by! Mr. Linford sadly developed intestinal problems as passed away quite suddenly while still in foster care. His bunwife, Zilla, is still in Sanctuary with us.