"You're thinking about donating, aren't you?"  

Donations are what makes the services and assistance provided by Huntsville Friends of Rabbits possible. We take great care to keep costs down by ordering supplies and food at discounted rates and even have our own garden!


Even so, the care of our rabbits and the supplies for our educational outreach events costs money and we need your help. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation so that we can help more bunnies!



Donations to Huntsville Friends of Rabbits are tax-deductible! Our EIN is 35-2345998 and we have been a 501-(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization since August of 2008.

Food / Supplies

Hay, vegetables, pellets, toys, mats, litter boxes... it all adds up. Food and supplies make up our largest recurring expense even though we work very hard to keep costs low. 

Medical Care

Medical expenses for new or existing rabbits can be sudden and, well, expensive. There are predictable recurring costs (such as exams and medicine) but new rabbits to HFR sometimes have serious, though fixable, health issues. 

$5     Pays for a bale of hay from a local farmer

$10   Hay and vegetables for one rabbit for one week

$25   Vegetables for one rabbit for one month

$50   Food and toys for one rabbit for one month

$135 Cost to spay or neuter a new rabbit

$250 What it costs us for exam, bloodwork and                  spay/neuter for one new rabbit. Also, the cost            of food for one rabbit for six months.

$500  Feeds a foster/adoption/sanctuary bunny for             one year.

501(c)(3) Letter of Tax Exemption
501(c)(3) Letter of Tax Exemption