Not all of the bunnies we take in are able to have the Happy Ever After that we want for them. Occasionally we take in a bunny who has such serious medical issues that they are not adoptable. In these cases they stay with us as Sanctuary Bunnies for the rest of their lives. Despite their disabilities our Sanctuary Bunnies have a good quality of life and many, many human friends. We'd like to introduce you to these special rabbits:

Hi There! I'm Bugsy!

I have a condition known as head tilt, which is like a serious vertigo in humans. Usually this is caused by an ear infection or a parasite called e. cuniculli, but in my case it was neither of those. I have some kind of nerve damage, but my vet isn't sure what is causing it.

What I do know is that I am so much better than when I first came here! I had to be in a padded carrier all the time because I couldn't keep from rolling constantly, and I had trouble eating, too. Now , after lots of love and physical therapy I am doing so well that I have a lightly padded kiddie pool (minus the water, of course!) and I can play up on my fosterers bed with some pillows around me. I hope someday very soon I can be in a regular pen like the other bunnies.

I love toys and digging in my towels, and I'm now a hearty eater, too!  I even love my physical therapy sessions, especially the neck massages. So don't feel sorry for me - I'm doing just great and getting better every day!

Hello! I’m Sweet Pea!

I'm just as sweet as my name would suggest! I am an older bunny (about seven years) who was rescued from a hoarder situation. I spent most of my life up until now in a tiny cage. You can bet I was so happy to be in a big pen when I got into foster care!

I really didn't know how to handle so much space, and there were a lot of things I didn't understand. Can you believe I didn't even know how to jump up on a sofa?! My fosterers taught me how to do that, and now I watch TV with them. I enjoy hanging out with them and I love, love, LOVE to be petted and loved on!


I have seen some hard years and need a stable and loving situation which I have found with my fosterers. Don't seel sorry for me because I'm in sanctuary - I am now getting the best care I could ever want, and I have lots of fun, too!