Hi! I'm Sweet Pea, one of the HFR foster bunnies! I'm here to let you know about our adoption policies. You may think some of them are silly, but please bear in mind that all of our bunnies have been through at least one previous home (some have been through three or four!), most were surrendered to the local shelter or were found as strays, and a few have been taken from situations where they were abused. Our group has spent lots of time, money, energy and love taking care of them, and we want to make sure they go to the best homes that we can find for them.

 In addition, many people don't realize how complicated and expensive rabbits are. They are not an easy pet, or a good "starter pet" for children! Please do lots and lots of research before you make the final decision to adopt. You can find links to more info on our rabbit care page.


If you don't understand why we have these policies, just ask and we'll be happy to explain!  So...here goes:

  • We feel rabbits do best in homes with adults! We no longer adopt to homes with children, especially during the Easter season. Please be aware that 90% of the bunnies we rescue were pets for young children and were brought to the shelter because the child tired of them and the parents did not want them. 
  • Our adoption fee is $50 for one bunny or $75 for a bonded pair. This helps cover the cost of their spay/neuters. Each rabbit we take in costs our group a minimum of $300, sometimes much, much more, so this adoption fee is minimal.
  • We adopt out only spayed and neutered bunnies.
  • We adopt to indoor homes only. We prefer that our bunnies be "free range" (meaning that at least one room will be bunny-proofed so that the bunny can be uncaged with a litter box) but at the very least they must have either a 4 X 4 exercise pen or the equivalent space in a condo. If you need help with housing suggestions, please ask!
  • We will do a home visit prior to the adoption to make sure the bunny has enough space and that you have adequate "bunnyproofing".
  • Adopters must be 25 or older and financially able to care for a bunny. You must be willing and able to pay a possible $400 (and up! way up!) vet bill if your bunny gets sick.
  • We do not adopt rabbits as classroom bunnies, residents of petting zoos or as props for photographers at Easter.
  • We do not adopt rabbits as gifts for other people, unless the recipient of the gift is actively involved! 
  • We consider homes with dogs, snakes or ferrets on a case by case basis.
  • We expect our adopters to take their bunny to a rabbit-savvy vet for regular check-ups as well as when sick, and to be willing to spend the money for quality vet care. We cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Special needs bunnies will be adopted only to people who are experienced in rabbit care and who are financially able to provide the vet care these bunnies need.
  • We only adopt within a 100 mile radius of Huntsville, Alabama.

If you are over 25 and have the time, energy, financial resources and, most of all, love to care for a rabbit (not to mention lots of willow toys and a good sense of humor!) we would be happy to talk with you about adopting one of our fabulous foster bunnies!


Please fill out our adoption application and include your name, phone number and some information about why you would like a bunny, if you've had a bunny before, and any other information you think would be pertinent.


Please note that our adoption process includes a phone conversation and a home visit (because we are frequently contacted by animal hoarders and other unsavory people and because we want to make sure you are properly bunny proofed!). We reserve the right to decline any adoption application.


Think you would be a good adopter? Then let's look at some adoptable bunnies!