Our Adoptable Bunnies

Please read our adoption policies before applying to adopt a bunny!

And please note: We do not just give away the bunnies! There is an adoption process that involves a telephone interview and a home visit! We have invested a large amount of time, energy, money (about $300 per bunny) and most of all, LOVE into our fosters, and we want to be absolutely sure they have awesome homes. We thank you for your understanding!

All of our adoptable bunnies have been spayed or neutered, and all are current in their vet check ups! Here are our currently adoptable bunnies:

Banana pants is a wacky little guy who is all teenager - which means he likes to get into mischief! He also loves his toys and is easily distracted with cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes filled with hay. We think he is going to be a gourmand as he enjoys sampling new kinds of veggies and hay.Bananapants is easy going and likes to be petted and loved on when he isn't busy exploring and checking out his toys. He has been neutered and is very good with his litter box. He would like a home where he gets lots of room to explore and play, with adults and possibly quiet older children.

Señor Spaghetti, or Spags as we call him, is a bit shyer than his brothers and sisters but he is curious about people. We think he will really open up once he is in his forever home. He loves toys, especially wooden chew and toss toys, and he enjoys doing construction on cardboard boxes as well. He is an enthusiastic eater and gets very excited and gets very excited when served his food at dinner time. Stags has been neutered and is very good in his litter box. He is a neat and tidy rabbit so cleaning his space is a breeze! We think you'll love his charming personality!

Gandalf is a happy little guy who likes to rip up paper - he is happy to volunteer for any paper shredding jobs you may have! He also enjoys wooden toys and cardboard boxes.He is also very curious about people and likes to have his ears rubbed.He has been neutered and is very nice with his litter box. He would like to be in a home where he gets a lot of room to roam and is either free-run or in a large pen. Gandalf would be open to keeping your spayed girl bunny company, too! 

Royal is a calm and loving girl who likes to hang out with her people.She is the calmest of this litter and even though she is a teenager she is very polite and well-behaved.She has been spayed and is very good in her litter box.  Her favorite toys are wadded up cardboard and paper and her wooden chew toys (although she doesn't seem inclined to chew on anything else.) Royal is a hearty eater and is not picky at all! She would love to be in a home with adults or possibly older children. She is just a sweetheart!

Mr. Potato Head is a wonderful, goofy boy who loves to explore and is ready for the good life. He is so outgoing and social. He's great stress relief after a difficult day, and is definitely easy to love! Mr. Potato Head has been neutered and he's very good in his litter box for such a youngster. He loves toys, especially his willow toys and cardboard boxes. So if you want a bunny who is all up in your business and will make you laugh - check out Mr. Potato Head!

Dumbledore is a magical young bunny - hence his name! He's an easy-going guy who is very curious about his environment and what hhis people are doing. He likes to be in the thick of things! His skills in his litter box show him to be wise beyond his years - he really is very good!  Dumbledore enjoys toys that he can rip up and chew like cardboard boxes. He makes his veggies disappear like magic at dinner time and he is not a picky eater. Dumbledore will most definitely cast a spell on your heart!

Update: SUGAR IS ADOPTED!!! Sugar Pie is one of Taylor's little ones. We are considering changing her name to "Sugar Monster" as she is so mischievous and  has a naughty streak a mile wide! As you can see from her picture, we had quite a time keeping her from chewing her spay stitches out - she had not one but two e collars! She is now healed from her spay and very adoptable. She is very social and handleable! She loves to play with her toys and explore, and she also likes to get up on the ledge in her crate and watch the world go by. We would love to see her in a home where she has tons of room to roam and lots of social time with her people. For such a young bunny her litter skills are very nice! Sugarpie has been spayed and is ready for a new adventure...in your home!

Honey Bunch  is very much a teenage bunny who loves to explore and have fun. She enjoys her toys, especially her cardboard boxes. She is pursuing a love of fine dining and and especially enjoys sampling different kinds of hay. Bluegrass is her favorite! She is very curious about other bunnies and about the world in general. She has been spayed and is very good in her litter box for such a youngster! Honey has beautiful, plush fur and it's great stress relief to love on her after a hard day at work. We think she lives up to her name - she really is a Honey Bunch!

Tommy s a somewhat serious young bunny. We think he has a future as an engineer as he likes to deconstruct his toys and see what makes them tick. Don't worry though - his tastes in toys are inexpensive! He loves small card board boxes stuffed with hay and some raisins, and paper towel tubes with hay and treats are a favorite, too! He does enjoy exploring and would like a home with adults where he has some rabbit-proofed room to roam. He has been neutered and is very good in his litter box.