Our Adoptable Bunnies

Please read our adoption policies before applying to adopt a bunny!

And please note: We do not just give away the bunnies! There is an adoption process that involves a telephone interview and a home visit! We have invested a large amount of time, energy, money (about $300 per bunny) and most of all, LOVE into our fosters, and we want to be absolutely sure they have awesome homes. We thank you for your understanding!

All of our adoptable bunnies have been spayed or neutered, and all are current in their vet check ups! Here are our currently adoptable bunnies:

UPDATE: Adoption Pending!! Hi, I'm Teraflop, and as you can see, I kinda' like cats! I like my fosterer's cat a lot, and I wouldn't mind a home with a polite kitty.

I'ma big boy, so big that my people think I am a Checkered Giant rather than an English Spot. Whatever breed I am, you can rest assured that I am just a big ol' hunk of handsome! I am friendly and playful but like most rabbits I don't like to be picked up. I do like to run and do pinkies though, and I'm very good at flopping. 

I was found along a hiking trail by some kind people who knew I would not survive in the woods and took me in. They found a fosterer for me, and I got neutered. Now all I need is my forever home - would that be YOU?!!

Hi, I'm Bananapants! I'm a wacky little guy who is all teenager - which means I like to get into mischief! I also love my toys and I'm easily distracted with cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes filled with hay. I also like wood toss toys and willow balls. My favorite thing is my cardboard box - I like to sit on top of it and watch the world go by.

I'm planning to be a real gourmand as I enjoy sampling new kinds of veggies and hay.

I'm easy going and like to be petted and loved on when I'm not busy exploring. I've been neutered and I'm very good with my litter box. I'd like a home where I get lots of room to explore and play, with adults and possibly quiet older children.

Hi, I'm Señor Spaghetti, or Spags as my friends call me! I'm a bit shyer than my brothers and sisters but I'm very curious about people and once I get to know you, look out! I really come out of my shell, and I'm an active and funny bunny.

I love toys, especially wooden chew and toss toys, and  I enjoy doing construction on cardboard boxes as well. But you know what I don't like? Seagrass balls and mats! They are just not my idea of a fun toy! But give me some cardboard and I'll be happy for hours!

I'm an enthusiastic eater and get very excited  when I get my food at dinner time. I've been neutered and I'm very good in my litter box. I'm a neat and tidy rabbit so cleaning my space is a breeze!

Hi, I'm Gandalf! I'm a happy little guy who likes to rip up paper - I'll be happy to volunteer for any paper shredding jobs you may have! I also enjoy wooden toys and cardboard boxes.

I'm very curious about people and like to have my ears rubbed. I also run to greet my foster mom and I ut my head down for pets. I think I will become a very affectionate guy once I'm in a loving home with my adopters.

I've been neutered and am very nice with my litter box. I would like to be in a home where I get a lot of room to roam and am either free-run or in a large pen. I'd be open to keeping your spayed girl bunny company, too! 

Hi, I'm Mr. Potato Head, or Mr. P. to my friends. And I would love to have you for a friend! I'm a wonderful, goofy, sweet, sweet, sweet boy who loves to explore and is ready for the good life. In fact, my nickname is "Sweet Potato"! I am so outgoing and make my fosterers laugh at my silliness.They say I'm great stress relief after a hard day!

I'm a bit opinionated about my pen and how my toys are arranged. I like to have them "just so". I love my toys, especially my willow toys and wooden chew toys, wife balls and cardboard boxes. And when I'm done with my smaller toys I put them away - in my water dish!

I've been neutered and am very good in my litter box.

So if you want a bunny who will make you laugh and be all up in your business, check out me - Mr. P.!!

Hi! We're Mr. and Ms. Lionhead! We are very young bunnies, only about 8 weeks old as of July, 2018. Somebody dumped us in a neighborhood in Decatur - can you imagine putting such young bunnies outside to fend for themselves?! Luckily a nice lady took us in, but she can't keep us. We really need a home! 

Because we are so young and baby bunnies can't be adopted out as pets by Alabama law, we will need to have a special foster-to-adopt arrangement until we are spayed and neutered in late August or early September. Then we'll be all yours!

We can be adopted together as a pair, or we could still be adopted separately if you promise to give us tons of love and attention. We are a delightful pair!

Other Adoptable Bunnies

These bunnies are not HFR bunnies, but are being listed as a courtesy to their independent rescuers.