Our Wish List

Many people want to know how they can help our foster bunnies. Here is a list of all the basic things we really need. We also have a wish list on Amazon, to make it easier for you. If you order from that wish list, Amazon will deliver directly to us. And best of all, anything that you donate is tax deductible. I will personally make sure you get a letter for your taxes!

Oh, one thing that is not on our wish list is costumes for me! Don't worry, I have enough tutus to last me for a very long time!


    Mrs. Brighton

Items Needed:

Monetary Donations for our veterinary fund.


Carefresh Litter, or other rabbit safe bedding


Cat Size Litter Boxes


New or gently used baby keys and stacking cups


Pellets: Kaytee Timothy Complete, Oxbow Bunny Basics T, ZuPreem

Nature's Promise, or other good quality Timothy Hay based pellets


Gift Cards from any major supermarket (Kroger, Publix, Target, Wal-Mart, etc) so we can buy veggies.


Gift Cards for PetSmart, Petco, or Amazon (where our fosterers buy pellets and other supplies)


Lunch Bags, paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes (we make toys out of them)


Detergent and fabric softener (any kind will do - the cheaper the better!)


Gently used towels and fleece (we use them for our special needs bunnies)


Puppy training pads (for our special needs bunnies)




New or gently used kiddie pools (our head tilt bunny, Bugsy, lives in kiddie pools- minus the water of course!)


Bunny Toys, especially sea grass or willow toys


Cotton rugs




Copying services for Bunny Care Packets (this is a desperate need! We give out tons of these!!)